Switch Kit

Thank you for choosing Home Trust & Savings Bank for your banking needs. 

The following list is designed to help make the transition to Home Trust as simple as possible.

  1. Open your new Home Trust account. Stop by Home Trust Bank to open your accounts. Make note of your new account number and the bank routing number as they will be needed later.
  1. Stop using your old account. Let your checks clear; this can take up to 10 days. Destroy any unused checks, ATM cards, debit cards and deposit slips
  1. Change your Direct Deposits. (Click Here) Simply fill out the form and give it to your employer, the Social Security Administration or your retirement plan. Include a new deposit slip or a new voided check. 
  1. Change your Automatic Payments. (Click Here) Simply fill out the form and give it to anyone currently taking money from your account. Remember any automatic payments that may have been linked to your old debit card.
  1. Close your old accounts. (Click Here) This form can be used to inform your old bank of your intentions to close your accounts. 

Feel free to call us or stop in for any additional information, or assistance with any of these steps.(Printable Switch Kit, Including Instructions)