Home Trust & Savings Bank opened its doors on November 6, 1899, when the bank received its charter and began business in the East room of the former Cleveland Building in downtown Osage, Iowa. The bank occupied this location until 1937 when it relocated to its present location at 628 Main Street, Osage. In 1914, the bank qualified for trust powers from the State Banking Department, and in 1918, Home Trust & Savings Bank became a member of the Federal Reserve System.


The bank has survived through the Great Depression, Wars, the farm crisis, and economic downturns and recoveries. Home Trust has continued to prosper. Leadership has changed over the years, but the bank stayed on course - through good times and bad. Home Trust & Savings Bank has come a long way during the last century plus. As we look to the future, Home Trust & Savings Bank will remain an independent, locally owned, and operated bank with strong community ties. Our mission is to continue to meet the ever-changing needs of the community we serve.