Certificates of Deposit

  • Short & Long term
  • Stop in or call for current rates

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)

  • Traditional = Tax deductible contributions, distributions are taxed 
  • Roth = Contributions are after tax, distributions are tax free if specific guidelines are met
  • SEP = "Simplified Employee Pension" designed to benefit self-employed individuals and small business owners

Stop in and visit with our IRA experts and we will find the account that best suits your needs.

*Rates are subject to change and there is a penalty for early withdrawal. 


Burial Trusts

  • Interest bearing
  • No fees
  • Designed for funeral expenses
  • Home Trust Administrator

Estate Administration 

  • 3rd Party Administrator
  • Experience
  • Quick settlement
  • Personal service


  • Asset management
  • Personal service

Trust Administration

  • Provides for heirs
  • Reduces taxes
  • Home Trust acts as trustee
  • Personal service
  • Tailored to meet family needs